Variable Speed Hoist

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Features :

Variable speed, depending on features, from 0 to 20 m/mm
Individual operation: movement between programmable stops
Group operation: management of gaps between each hoist
Synchronous operation: same as group operation, but with a stricter control tolerance.
Viewing of altimetry
Key rescue mode, requiring neither the presence of a supervisor or a display: in this case, upon detection of the end of sequence, fixed-speed movement with an acceleration ramp, and deceleration at the beginning and end
Emergency brake management

This ensures the management (via EasyScéne or EasyScène Light) of fixed- or variable-speed motorizations and among other things, offers the following features:
•Individual operation
•Controlled group operation
•Synchronous operation
•Storing of positions, velocities, accelerations
•Multi-protocol: InterBus – CAN-BUS – RS485

The connection between the control console and flight cases (containing the power regulators) is ensured either via :
A wire harness with plug
A wireless connection (radio or WiFi)